The area City centre

City centre

The city centre is not just a place for shopping or enjoying a night out. It has increasingly become the city's 'living room', where people take pleasure in being and where experiencing the city plays a significant role; from 'a place to buy' to 'a place to be'.

Available datasets
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Number of companies

Total number of companies over the years
Laatste update: 2020-02-05

Companies classified

Number of companies in each branch
Laatste update: 2020-02-05


Number of jobs (employees and temporary workers)
Laatste update: 2020-02-05

Jobs classified

Number of jobs by group of branches. For privacy reasons some numbers are not mentioned.
Laatste update: 2020-02-05


Number of companies that starts and the dynamics in the inner city.
Laatste update: 2020-02-05

Vacancy rate of office space (m2)

In the inner city is 3,3% of the office space of 205.500 m2 vacant
Laatste update: 2018-10-19

Vacancy rate of units for shops

Percentage of vacant units for shops is 5.6 percent. The vacancy rate in m2 is 8.9 percent.
Laatste update: 2018-11-14

Visitors for shopping

Percentage of the visitors that mainly come for shopping
Laatste update: 2018-01-12


Average spending per visitor (€)
Laatste update: 2018-07-31

Where do the visitors come from (%)

From the city of Groningen, beyond
Laatste update: 2018-07-31

How do visitors appreciate the inner city?

Results of the appreciation (higher is better)
Laatste update: 2018-07-31

Catering and bars

Laatste update: 2018-07-31

Number of terraces

Laatste update: 2018-01-12

Jobs in catering

Laatste update: 2019-06-27