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Groningen is a young city, which at the same time enjoys a rich cultural heritage. Combine talent with culture and you end up with creativity. Art and creative activity play a significant role in Groningen. With between 20 to 25 active creative hubs, it’ no surprise to witness the results all around the city.

These creative breeding grounds are becoming increasingly important to the city. The financial crisis and cut-backs in cultural spending have resulted in artists and creative companies pushing new boundaries. Old factories and office blocks are increasingly becoming hotspots of creativity. The new generation of artists have become more entrepreneurial, often utilising a range of disciplines and approaches (from sculpture to painting).

One good example of an initiative supported by Groningen local council among others is Innofest which recently won an award. Innofest won the European Enterprise Promotion Award in Tallinn on 23 November 2017. Innofest offers entrepreneurs opportunities to test their innovations at events.

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Total number of jobs in the creative sector. In the creative sector are a lot of small companies
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