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Healthy Ageing

Groningen is well out in front, nationally and internationally, with regard to Healthy Ageing. Businesses and knowledge institutions stand out given their relative scale as well as their excellence in innovation and research.

Groningen therefore eagerly desires to be profiled as a Healthy Ageing city. Entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and local government have all embraced the notion of Healthy Ageing by incorporating it into their networks, programmes and agendas. And with outstanding results, as the North of the Netherlands has been awarded the title of European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing Reference Site in the highest category for the second time. An honour which has been bestowed on only eight (of 78) other European regions. The award is presented to regions which possess the best Healthy Ageing strategies.

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Creating and utilising conditions that increase the chances of innovation is essential when stimulating growth and employment. Where combinations (or crossovers) of knowledge from a range of fields align, is also where the best chances for innovation exist. We would like to increase these opportunities for innovation by connecting up Healthy Ageing with other sectors, such as digital and technology.


Number of companies in Healthy Ageing
Laatste update: 2019-06-28


Total number of jobs in Healthy Ageing. The numbers are without the medical sector (hospitals etc.)
Laatste update: 2019-06-28


Number of freelancers: companies where one person works
Laatste update: 2018-01-12