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The Groningen Digital sector is a key element in the city's economy. Nationally, Groningen, along with Amsterdam, has been identified as the city with the most internet-related enterprises.₁ The sector creates approximately 10,000 jobs, around 7.5% of Groningen city’s total jobs.₂ Eighty per cent of all jobs in the Digital Economy in the Province of Groningen are centred in the city of Groningen.

Groningen's Digital Economy is nourished by a robust start-up culture. The number of young, innovative online companies is just about endless, due in part to the ample potent breeding grounds for enterprises the city provides and promotes (such as The Big Building, Launch Café, Cube050, etc). The economic impact of the digital sector upon other sectors cannot be underestimated. Almost overnight, IT has become an integral part of nearly every sector. 

The principal challenges for Groningen's digital sector lie in making connections and reinforcing the ties with other sectors, as well as in attracting digital talent to the North. ‘Groningen Digital Office’, which officially launched in January 2017, is a collaboration between government, the business sector and education with the dedicated intention of boosting Groningen's digital economy. The Office's maxim is ‘Everybody has a right to a digital future’, the aim being to raise all of the +200,000 inhabitants' skills by +1.

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