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Tourism is one of economic sectors with continuing high growth rates prospected. This also applies to Groningen. More than half of the visitors to the province of Groningen mentions the city of Groningen as the main destination.

Both same-day excursionists as well as tourists (overnight visitors) appreciate the city in a very positive way. Recreational shopping turns out to be the main reason for visiting Groningen.

Groningen ranks 6th in the Netherlands as destination for visitors residing in the Netherlands. Regarding these domestic visitors, Groningen, after Leiden and Zwolle showed the biggest growth in number of persons. Relatively speaking, more visitors come from ouside the regional level (extra-regional origins).

Available datasets

Congresses Groningen

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Number of hotels
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Nights by type of accommodation

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Tourists that stay overnight

Origin of the tourists that stay overnight, 2017
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Economical revenues of tourists that stay overnight

Economical revenues total € 47,7 mln, 2017
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Appreciation of tourists that stay overnight

How do the tourists that stay overnight appreciate the city?
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Daily visitors

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Appreciation of daily visitors

How do daily visitors appreciate the city?
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